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Wrap & Snap Watering System

An innovative and inexpensive solution for economizing water use for your plants.

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Easy To Install

For any size project from small home gardening to large scale landscaping.

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  • The Wrap & Snap watering system greatly reduces the amount of water used in the garden.
  • By simply wrapping this product around a plant or tree and snapping it together, a basin is created.
  • Now, pull out your hose and fill up the basin with water and fertilizers.
  • By filling the basin with water, when hand watering, rather than spraying water on the ground, you will not only provide more water for your plants and trees, you will conserve water.

Available Colors:

Available Colors



Perfect for even the smallest project, the Wrap & Snap watering system is great for gardens and flowerbeds.



Wrap & Snap it is an attractive & effective way to conserve water.



Installs easily in any terrain for any project and helps avoid water loss from run off on slopes and hillsides.


Keep water & fertilizers where they belong . . . within the watering system. Avoid water waste & lower your monthly water bill.


Below are some testimonials from those who are already using the Wrap & Snap in their own gardening and landscaping projects:

Many years ago, I had my gardener put in a sprinkler system for the lawn and a drip system for my beautiful rose bushes. Within a short time, I realized the drip system wasn’t working… I didn’t know how much water my roses were actually getting. It was very frustrating to say the least. So I watered my roses by hand. One day, Mr. Clancy introduced me to a new watering system called “Wrap & Snap”.  I can honestly say, without a doubt, it solved my water problem for my roses. Once a week I water them really well. My roses now get the correct amount of water they need to look beautiful and healthy.

Ludmilla Schill

At first I was a little hesitant about this product for commercial applications. I then tried using it on newly planted trees on sloped areas with no irrigation and was amazed at the speed of use and water holding capacity that this product was advertised to do. As a water conservation expert and landscape contractor for the past 35 years, I recommend this product as a viable conduit for new plants and trees for their establishment.

Tom Sweeney

CLCA Certified Water Manager

The Wrap & Snap is excellent at containing water and eliminating runoff. I had dirt wells around my new trees as I was instructed by the nursery. They didn’t hold much water and have deteriorated. I had Patrick install the 8 ft. tree Wrap & Snap around nine of my new redwood trees and two maples. They work perfectly. I just fill them up and that’s it. This watering system is an attractive accent in my yard. I would highly recommend it.

Bob Reposa

Certified Tree Arborist

I put in my rose area about 4 years ago and at the time we put in the “Wrap & Snap” circles around each of the 40 plus roses.  “Wrap & Snap” has lasted all these years and has done a tremendous job with our plants and also fruit trees.  “Wrap & Snap” gets water and fertilizers directly in the area of the shrub where the roots are.  The liquid goes straight to the roots of the roses or whatever other plant has the “Wrap & Snap around it.  I am very pleased with the product and will continue to use it in the future. They are simple to install and are long lasting.

Patricia Click

Past President of Contra Costa Rose Society


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